To use PictoPHP , you will need PHP5 installed on your web host server and the GD library that comes with it (most of time, it is installed by default). If not, ask your web host to install it, he should do it for you.

Using the PictoPHP Toolbar

If you are looking to find and ad picture to your database of images, then PictoPHP toolbar the right solution for you!
Simply surf to the PictoPHP folder on your website (ex: ).

Click on settings. There, you can determine how many formats you want to create of the original image. Each time you ad a format, click 'Save'. A new box will appear after that and allow you to ad another copy. For each copy of your image (ex: Big box, medium Box and Thumbnail) you can specify the folder in which the resized/crop image will be copied

Resizing uploaded images on the fly

PictoPHP will help you resize, create thumbnails and copy uploaded picture from your clients. To do so, you must include a single line of code within the script handling the POST form.

The script will automatically detect if any images were uploaded with the form. If so, it will resize, crop, compress and copy the images using the settings found on your main PictoPHP folder (ex: -> then click Settings ).

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