PictoPHP is your all-in-one PHP server side script that helps you find, download, crop, copy and resize any image from the web. Execute in seconds what normally takes you dozens of minutes every day!

Automatically find images from Google,Yahoo and Flickr that best fit your request
Make your images fit specific width and height so it renders perfectly on your website. No more stretched and distorted pictures.
Enlarge, minimize and create thumbnails of the images on the fly. This will put less strain on your server, use less bandwith and maximize the user experience !
Transform large BMP or JPG file into tiny, fast loading JPG files to enhance user experience on your website.


Let's say you have a website about pet. Each time you write a new article, you would like to add some pictures related to your article. PictoPHP will help you find, copy, crop and resize all the pictures you need in only 2 clicks!
Everything is done on your server!

Say you need a picture database of different dogs

Click on a pre-build link such as

Click on the picture that best fits your request

That's it, you are done!

The selected picture is now copied to your server and has been, croped, resized and compressed to your requested options.


Click here to see the demo

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